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Writing SectionIn the Writing Section of the exam, students first read a short extract from a newspaper or letter. This is often in the form of an article, an extract from an advice column or a memo. They are then asked to choose between two tasks.
Task ATask A is always a letter, while Task B is always an essay. Candidates do only ONE of these tasks. They may write in either pen or pencil. The Writing Section must be completed in 30 minutes, and candidates are expected to write approximately 150 to 175 words in this time. This section is graded on how clearly ideas are expressed.
Attention: We suggest that you first read the topic, then get a notebook and write the composition and finally read the model composition to see whether you have covered the topic sufficiently.This way, you will get better and better in writing. When you read a Model composition, try to remember it as much as possible.
Please Read the Local NewsLocal News 
Plans to attract more tourists to our area .
Following meetings with members of the Town Council, the Mayor has announced that he is planning to develop tourism on a wider scale. Local residents are divided on this issue. Many believe it to be an excellent idea as it will bring new life to the area. Others are concerned about the unpleasant consequences that may arise from an influx of foreign visitors. The editor would like to know more about readers’ views on this proposal.
You have read this article in your local newspaper. Do you agree with the Mayor’s proposal? What effects do you think this plan to develop tourism in your area will have?
Task A: LETTERWrite a letter to the Editor expressing your opinion. Give reasons/examples to justify your view. Begin your letter “Dear Editor, …”
Letter A: Model Answer
Dear Editor,
I read your article about the movement to boost tourism in the Newtown News and, as a local resident, I would like to express my views. I believe that the results of implementing this plan will be highly beneficial to our community for several reasons.
To start with, tourism is without doubt an excellent way to improve the local economy as it would bring in large amounts of foreign currency. This would happen because visitors spend money on accommodation, entertainment and souvenirs, all of which can be made available in our region. Therefore, local hotel and restaurant owners, as well as manufacturers and crafts people, would be considerably better off financially.
What is more, an increase in tourism would lead to a rise in the standard of living for the local population. That is to say, they would be able to take advantage of the facilities provided for visitors, such as improved transport services and leisure activities. At the same time, the horizons of our local people would be widened through their contact with various cultures from other countries. This would lead them to have a sense of pride in their own traditions and heritage.
Given the above, l am in favor of an increase in tourism in our region as I believe it will enhance the quality of life for all concerned both from a financial and cultural point of view.
Helen Balak
Answer model essay Task B: Write an ESSAY
Tourism has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. What steps can be taken to boost this industry in your area? Discuss this issue giving specific examples to illustrate and support your ideas.
Visiting new places on vacation has become one of the most popular activities the world over. The promotion of tourism would be an invaluable strategy to attract more visitors to our area and could be accomplished in several ways.
To begin with, existing hotel and entertainment facilities should be improved and modernized. This will attract more tourists to the region and at the same time, provide extra opportunities for employment for local residents, especially young people. That is to say, it will give them a steady source of income and also mean they do not have to move away to find work.
In addition to this, information about our historical buildings and archeological sites, not to mention the town’s museum, should be made more accessible. This can be done in two ways. First of all, an eye-catching website could be created in several languages to ensure that these attractions are brought to the notice of a wide audience. Secondly, local historians can be invited to write leaflets with interesting facts and anecdotes about these places. This would arouse curiosity and thus draw more visitors.
As we all know, tourism is one of the most profitable industries in the world today. If these measures are taken, I believe they will go a long way to putting our town on the map, to the lasting benefit of our community.
 Writing Michigan ECCE 02ECCE MICHIGANWriting Section
TASK A Please Read the Advice ColumnAdvice column
Dear Agatha,
Until about a “year ago, I had always gotten along well with my parents, but then we
started to argue about what I should do after I leave school. Our arguments are even
worse now that I am in my senior year and will be graduating in a few months.
My problem is that I want to be a carpenter — I am good with my hands and I have
an eye for design — while my parents want me to go to college and become a doctor.
Both my parents are physicians and they see it as carrying on a family tradition.
I have never wanted to be a doctor, I would hate every minute of it. And it is not as if I
have chosen a career where I cannot get a job. How can we resolve this situation?
TASK A Letter
Agatha has asked readers to write giving suggestions on how to deal with this
problem. She usually publishes some of the letters. Write a Letter which begins,
Dear Samantha, … .
Model answer: letter
Dear Samantha,
I read about your problem with great interest as it is one I can sympathize with. A few years ago I was in a similar position myself: my parents wanted me to go to law school, but realized I didn’t have to follow in their footsteps, and you don’t, either.
If I were you, I would ask my teachers for help. They might be able to convince your parents that you are making the right decision. After all, they probably know where your talents and abilities lie. It might also help if you discussed the matter with your parents, explaining why you want to be a carpenter. Point out that job opportunities for craftspeople are often better than they are for college graduates.
Furthermore, you will probably be able to earn a good living; a carpenter can charge high prices for his or her work! And above all, explain that you would be happier and more fulfilled as a carpenter than you would be as a doctor.I hope you can resolve your disagreements and I wish you good luck in your future.A well-wisher

TASK B Essay Some people become very successful in life despite the fact that they have not
been to college. How important do you think it is to have a degree? Write an
essay expressing your opinion. 
Model answer: essaySuccess is usually measured in terms of high income and social status. For many young people, the way to obtain both is by getting a good job, and a college education is seen as the first step to success. However, this belief is true only to some extent.
It is undoubtedly true that competition for jobs is fierce, and young people with no skills or qualifications may find themselves unemployed or stuck in menial jobs. On the other hand, a college education can open the door to a career in commerce and finance, or even in an academic post.
However, a college education is not the only way forward. Many craftsmen and technicians also earn a good living, and some, like electricians and plumbers, are always in demand. And of course, many successful artists, entertainers and entrepreneurs have no college qualifications at all.
On the whole, success depends on a person’s ambition, talent and energy. Of course, this is not to deny the benefits of a college education, but this is ultimately not as important as other factors. 

Writing Michigan ECCE 03ECCE MICHIGAN
Please read the News 
In an attempt to reduce accidents and keep the roads safe, the Ministry of Transport is launching a campaign to raise public awareness of this issue. They are introducing heavier penalties on drivers who violate traffic regulations in the hope that this will improve safety on our roads, which are becoming more crowded day by day. In addition, the raising of the legal age for obtaining a driver’s license is under serious consideration.
Write a letter explaining some of the causes of road accidents and what measures you think should be taken to reduce them. Describe specific actions that can be taken to improve the situation and give reasons and examples to justify your suggestions. Begin your letter “Dear Editor, …”
Model Answer Letter
Dear Editor,
I read the article on the government road safety campaign in your newspaper. As a frequent road user, I want to suggest measures that could be taken to make highways less hazardous.
Road accidents are due to various causes. To begin with, people who drink and drive are far more likely to cause crashes than those who abstain. Even a little alcohol makes people less alert, yet most drivers can’t do without a drink when they are out. Another primary cause of accidents is tiredness. This is because drivers try unsuccessfully to fight off sleepiness by opening a window or turning up the radio. Lastly, breaking the speed limit contributes to thousands of crashes. Young drivers in particular can’t resist the temptation of driving too fast.
Bearing the above in mind, there are numerous steps that must be taken. First of all, there should be more frequent and widespread use of alcohol tests by traffic police. If drivers are aware they will be stopped for this, they will refrain from drinking. Secondly, drivers likely to be overcome by tiredness should be targeted in their cars. This can be accomplished with radio spots and advertising in highway service areas. Lastly, much heavier penalties must be introduced for speeding. If road users know they will lose their license or face a lengthy prison sentence, they will think twice before accelerating.
All things considered, if measures like these are implemented, the number of accidents will decrease significantly. Isn’t this what everyone hopes for?
Betty Vagner

Statistics show that accidents involving young drivers are on the increase. Should the legal age for obtaining a driver’s license be raised? Discuss this issue giving specific reasons and examples to support your view

Model Answer ESSAY
 Passing the driving test and getting a license opens up a whole new world of independence to young people. However, it is a sad fact that an increasing number of accidents involve young, inexperienced drivers. With this in mind I am of the opinion that the legal age for obtaining a driving license should be higher than it is now.
The reason why I believe this is that teenagers are not mature enough to take on the responsibilities that go with driving a car on the public highway. They see the fact that they have their license as an opportunity for greater freedom, to have fun with their friends or to raise their status in the eyes of their peers. For example, I have heard about many youngsters who have races on the streets to show off and who drink so much at parties that they can hardly manage to drive home afterwards.
Bearing these facts in mind, I believe young people should wait until they are a little older and more mature before they are allowed to have a driving license. After all, they have their whole lives ahead of them. Is it too much for them to wait a bit longer for this privilege?

In the writing section of the ECPE, students are required to write an essay on a choice of two topics, the style of which will depend on the topic.
You have 30 minutes to write 250-300 words on one of two topics.Regardless of the style, the general essay plan will remain the same:
Attention: We suggest that you first read the topic, then get a notebook and write the composition and finally read the model composition to see whether you have covered the topic sufficiently.This way, you will get better and better in writing. When you read a Model composition, try to remember it as much as possible.
Model Compositions.
Model Composition 1
Some people insist that the main emphasis in foreign language teaching should be on speaking and writing correctly, while others feel that teaching learners how to communicate and express their ideas fluently should be the main goal. What’s your opinion? Support yow ideas with reasons and examples from your own language-learning experience. 
Which is more important in learning a language:
speaking and writing correctly, or expressing yourself fluently but inaccurately? Although both are important, if I had to choose, I’d say developing fluency is a higher priority.
Grammar knowledge alone does not make students competent language users. I learned this the hard way on my first trip to France. After two years of grammar based college French, I was completely unable to make myself understood or do the simplest things like ask for directions or order food. The problem was that my training had included plenty of grammar drills, but very little free practice. In the real world, I kept finding myself in situations that I hadn’t met in class, and I was so nervous about applying the rules and not making mistakes that I couldn’t communicate effectively.
This experience made me rethink my ideas about language learning. I realized that learning to communicate in a new language was a lot like learning a musical instrument. You can’t learn to play the piano by just studying music theory. You have to put your fingers on the keyboard and practice until gradually you begin to play more smoothly. And just as in learning to play an instrument, making mistakes when you learn to speak and write a new language should be a natural part of the learning process. The idea is to practice and get better at playing the “melody,” which for language learners is the ability to communicate ideas. Perfection can come later.
Of course, the end goal of language learning should be both fluency and accuracy, but I feel strongly that learners should be encouraged to develop fluency first. After all, no one expects a baby to speak in perfectly grammatical sentences. Babies learn by communicating simply at first and then developing a gradual mastery of their native tongue. Language students should be encouraged to develop in a similar way.

 Model Composition 2
Some people feel admission should be free to national museums, galleries, and major historical sites, while others disagree, arguing that admission fees are necessary. Discuss the arguments for and against establishing free admission to national treasures. Which do you feel is a better policy? Support your ideas with reasons and examples.
Everyone agrees that museums and other cultural institutions help to preserve culture and educate people.The question is: Should admission to such institutions be free, or should a fee be charged to help fund them?
The issue is far from black and white, so it’s worth looking at both sides.
On the one hand are those who feel that cultural institutions should be free of charge. Their main argument is that these institutions belong to the people. As such, they should be funded by tax dollars and exist for the betterment of everyone in society. Free access means that everyone can visit these treasures as often as they like. In other words, no one is deprived by their inability to pay. It also means that families and educational institutions can encourage children to take full advantage of the enriched educational experience that museums offer.
On the other hand are those who argue against free admission. This group maintains that while free admission sounds attractive, it is far from practical. They point out that with government funding alone, it is difficult for museums to make ends meet — particularly during economic downturns, when funding might be reduced. A museum needs to cover operating expenses, make new acquisitions, and mount new exhibitions, and fees can go a long way towards reducing the strain on tight budgets.
They also argue that fees do not necessarily mean that less fortunate people would be deprived. With careful planning, for example, deeply discounted fees could be set for students, and inexpensive membership plans established for families and frequent visitors.
On balance, I feel that although both sides have merit, charging admission fees is the better option. Without them, we may lose much of the culture that we are trying to protect. With them, museums will be able to offer even better programs for school children and others who would most benefit.

MODEL composition 3
only way to solve a serious crisis between two nations is by going to war. What is your opinion?
Even though the twentieth century saw two world wars, the threat of war is something which hangs over us all the time, and is particularly acute in times of international crisis, It is my belief that war is not the answer and should only be declared as a last resort. Avoidance is the key word.
It is a sad fact that war is being waged somewhere in the world every day of the year. Obviously, without disarmament on a global scale this is the way it will always be. Without weapons, countries would not be able to fight but, instead, would be forced to reach a peaceful compromise.
It seems that it is the world’s superpowers who play an important role in making sure that war is averted. By not abusing their strength, and respecting the rights of minor countries to self-determination many conflicts could be avoided. They should also stay out of the internal affairs of other countries.
Disagreeing with the politics of another country does not give the superpowers the right to invade it. It is also their responsibility to halt the arms race by setting the example. For instance, should they themselves dismantle their existing missile systems and put a stop to the testing of nuclear weapons then other countries would be forced to follow suit.
The importance of setting major disputes such as those regarding a country’s borders or the fair distribution of resources such as oil and water is paramount in preventing some wars from breaking out. Should two countries involved in a dispute fail to resolve the issue, the United Nations, an international organization, should be called in to arbitrate. Any talks will then be conducted through an intermediary body which will assist the countries in reaching a settlement.
There are those countries though, who feel they can fully justify their reasons for engaging in warfare. Having to overthrow an oppressive regime is just one of them. Another is being forced to defend their land against aggressors. Of course, no country can be expected just to stand by while they are being invaded.
In conclusion, it appears that we are still a long way from achieving world peace. Although many of us have either witnessed or are aware of the evils of war it seems in some cases to still be the only option. Unfortunately, it is usually the innocent who are forced to pay the price for other people’s selfishness and greed. War is rarely, if ever, the answer and our children should be taught this from an early age through our own example. After all, hate breeds hate.

MODEL composition 4
It has often been said that there is 
a lot of money to be made in encouraging people to perfect their appearance.
Discuss this idea, using your own personal experiences to explain your points. 
Today, more than ever, people in the West have probably never been more affluent. However, instead of enjoying ourselves we seem to spend most of our time worrying about how we look to others. Of course, there is no lack of people who are quick to make money out of and even fuel this obsession.
With the help of the media, modern society dictates that in order for us to be successful on both a personal and a professional level we need to look like Hollywood stars. Even though we are all fully aware that their appearances have been enhanced by the help of a surgeon’s knife or by eating barely enough to keep a sparrow alive, we still strive for perfection.
A colleague of mine, Maria Valiou, being naturally on the plump side was forever on one diet or another. She even signed up for a diet delivery, but all she lost was her money. Then she made the decision to have liposuction done on various parts of her body. The results were apparent almost immediately. However, this did not really bring her the happiness we had expected it to, due to the fact that she had diverted her attention to her slightly oversized nose! In the meantime, she had joined the gym, paid for with her credit card.
The physical features having been dealt with, it is the fashion industry’s turn to make some money. The fact is that clothes are no longer just worn for their intended purpose — to keep us warm while hiding our modesty. They are, in fact, meant to say something about the wearer — this idea being fed to us by fashion designers. Most of us in the West spend large chunks of our earnings on the latest fashions.
This, we believe, is money well spent as it will put us into the «trendy” category, disregarding the fact that these clothes will be relegated to the back of the wardrobe within three months. The trendsetters again — our Hollywood idols!
This was the case for my childhood friend, Christine, who always had to be the most fashionable girl in the school. This meant that she could only be seen sporting designer labels. Of course, her parents could not afford this extravagance so she was forced to find a part-time job to fund it.
In conclusion, it would seem that many different lines of business have realized how to exploit people’s vulnerability in order to make money. Appearance seems to be the current selling point in the West. Driven by a desire to look as perfect as those they look up to, whether it be movie stars or sports personalities, people will go to great lengths to look like them in the hope that they will be able to share in their success. Sadly, the one thing that cannot be sold as a commodity is emotional fulfillment.

Nowadays, many students opt to study at a foreign university.
What are some of the factors that motivate this decision?
Studying abroad is sometimes a matter of necessity. In some countries, places in institutions of higher learning are limited and competition for these places is fierce. This means that many students may not secure a place at a university in their own country and must, therefore, look elsewhere. In my country, students who want to study subjects like law or engineering must meet very high admission requirements, and many capable students fail to make the grade. However, these students may get accepted at a foreign university to study the subject they want.
Another important consideration that may lead a student to study abroad is the reputation a foreign university has. Many leading universities abroad are renowned for their high educational standards. because these universities are often well funded, they are able to offer students a range of benefits, such as a wider choice of subjects and more high-tech facilities. For students who can afford it, a period of study at a foreign university with international prestige may be an attractive option. 
Finally, students who decide to study abroad have a unique opportunity to develop skills they will need in their chosen careers. While at a foreign university, students can improve their grasp of a second language, and they will get used to living and working in a different cultural environment. These skills are important in fields such as tourism or international business, in which people often have dealings with people from abroad. I therefore firmly believe that for students who want to work in these professions, there is good reason to enroll at a foreign university.
In conclusion, going abroad to study may be considered a wise move for a number of reasons. Students can have more options when it comes to entering higher education, and more experiences that will help them professionally. This, in my view, can make their university experience even more worthwhile. 

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